1. The maximum compressive strain permitted in R.C.C. columns at failure load is _____.

[A] 0.002

[B] 0.003

[C] 0.035

[D] 0.004

Answer: Option A


2. In working stress design, if the modular ratio is ‘m’, steel ratio is ‘r’, the critical neutral axis constant ‘k’ is given by _____.

[A] m/m-r

[B] m/m+r

[C] m+r/m

[D] m-r/m

Answer: Option B


3. Modular ratio (m) for concrete can be calculated as _____.

[A] 250/σcbc

[B] 280/σcbc

[C] 280/σcbc

[D] 250/σcbc

Answer: Option B


4. In limit state design, partial safety factors are applied to _____.

[A] Loads

[B] Material stresses

[C] Both loads and material stresses

[D] Size of structural member

Answer: Option C


5. Brass cannot be used as reinforcement in concrete because _____.

[A] Its density is greater than concrete

[B] It density is smaller than iron

[C] It is very expensive

[D] Its coefficient of thermal expansion is higher than concrete

Answer: Option D


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