1. In which of the following method, safety measures appropriate choice of ‘Load Factor’?
[A] Working Stress Method
[B] Ultimate Strength Method
[C] Limit State Method
[D] All of the above

Answer: Option B


2. The ultimate tensile strain in steel is in the range of _____.
[A] 0.012 – 0.02
[B] 0.12 – 0.2
[C] 0.0012 -0.0020
[D] None of these

Answer: Option C

3. The cracking moment of a beam made of M25 concrete having a size of 600mm * 300mm is ______.
[A] 64 * 10^6  MPa
[B] 63 * 10^6  MPa
[C] 65 * 10^6  MPa
[D] 61 * 10^6  MPa

Answer: Option B


4. For limit state method of design, permissible bearing stress for M20 grade concrete is _____.
[A] 9 N/mm²
[B] 11.25 N/mm²
[C] 13.40 N/mm²
[D] 17 N/mm²

Answer: Option A


5. As per code, minimum grade of concrete in reinforced concrete design, where concrete surface is exposed to sea water spray is ______.
[A] M30
[B] M35
[C] M40
[D] M20

Answer: Option B


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