1. The minimum cover prescribed in the code for flexural reinforcement in all footings _____.
[A] 75mm
[B] 50mm
[C] 40mm
[D] 60mm

Answer: Option B


2. In limit state approach spacing of reinforcements primarily controls _____.
[A] Collapse
[B] Cracking
[C] Deflection
[D] Durability

Answer: Option B


3. An under-reinforced section means _____.
[A] Steel is provided at underside only
[B] Steel provided is insufficient
[C] Steel is provided on one face only
[D] Steel will yield first

Answer: Option D


4. The factor of safety for steel in working stress method is _____.
[A] 1.7-1.8
[B] 3
[C] 1.15
[D] 1.5

Answer: Option A


5. In which of the following method, safety measures in design are introduced by appropriate choice of ‘Load Factor’?
[A] Working Stress Method
[B] Ultimate Strength Method
[C] Limit State Method
[D] All of the above

Answer: Option B


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