1. The mode of failure of a very short masonry member having height/thickness ratio of less than 4 is by _____.
[A] shear
[B] vertical tensile splitting
[C] buckling
[D] any of the above

Answer: Option A


2. The ratio of compressive strength of fully saturated material to that of same material
when dry is called _____.
[A] Load factor
[B] Compaction factor
[C] Coefficient of hardness
[D] Coefficient of softening

Answer: Option D


3. The cover of longitudinal reinforcing bar in a beam subjected to sea spray should not be less than which one of the following?
[A] 25 mm
[B] 40 mm
[C] 70 mm
[D] 90 mm

Answer: Option C


4. Effective moment of inertia for short term deflection of a reinforced concrete section does not depend on _____.
[A] The maximum moment under the service load
[B] Depth of the neutral axis
[C] Breadth of the compression face
[D] Ultimate shrinkage strain of concrete

Answer: Option D


5. The lap length of a direct tension reinforcement bar in a R.C.C. beams should be more than _____.
[A] 16 times the diameter of the bar
[B] 48 times the diameter of the bar
[C] Thrice the development length or 24 times the diameter of the bar
[D] Twice the development length or 30 times the diameter of the bar

Answer: Option D


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