1. Design Bond stress for grade M40 and above is _____.
[A] 1.9
[B] 1.2
[C] 1.7
[D] 1.4

Answer: Option A


2. In reinforced concrete members, the best way to ensure adequate bond is _____.
[A] To provide minimum number of large diameter bars
[B] To provide more no. of small diameter bars
[C] To increase the cover for the reinforcement
[D] To provide additional stirrups

Answer: Option B


3. When HYSD bars are used in place of mild steel bars in a beam ______.
[A] Both bond strength and ductility increase
[B] Both bond strength and ductility decrease
[C] Bond strength increases and ductility decreases
[D] Bond strength decreases and ductility increases

Answer: Option C


4. Torsion resisting capacity of a Reinforced Concrete section _____.
[A] Decreases with decrease in stirrups spacing
[B] Decreases with increase in longitudinal bars
[C] Does not depend upon stirrup and longitudinal steel
[D] Increases with the increase in stirrup and longitudinal steel

Answer: Option D


5. What is the Young’s modulus of M25 grade concrete?
[A] 25 * 10^4 N/mm²
[B] 25 * 10^5 N/mm²
[C] 25 * 10^3 MPa
[D] 25 * 10^6 MPa

Answer: Option C


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