1. Which of the following criteria is not considered under Limit State of Serviceability?
[A] Fatigue
[B] Vibration Limit
[C] Durability consideration
[D] Fire Resistance

Answer: Option A


2. Which type of cross-section can attain yield moment but not the plastic moment before failure by plate buckling?
[A] Plastic section
[B] Compact section
[C] Semi-compact section
[D] Slender section

Answer: Option C


3. Side face reinforcement is provided in a beam when the depth of web section exceeds ______.
[A] 250 mm
[B] 500 mm
[C] 400 mm
[D] 750 mm

Answer: Option D


4. In a reinforced concrete section, as the percentage of steel increases _____.
[A] The depth of neutral axis decreases
[B] The depth of neutral axis increases
[C] The lever arm increases
[D] Both depth of the neutral axis and the lever arm decreases

Answer: Option B

5. If the permissible compressive and tensile stresses in a singly reinforced beam are 20 MPa and 250 MPa respectively, and if the neutral axis depth is limited to 0.3 times the effective depth of the section, then the percentage area of the steel required for an economic section is _____.
[A] 0.56%
[B] 0.76%
[C] 0.86%
[D] 0.96%

Answer: Option D


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