1. Scientific method is committed to _____.

[A] Ethics
[B] Proposition
[C] Objectivity
[D] Neutrality

Answer: Option C


2. “One of the methods of logical reasoning process” is called ______.

[A] Deduction
[B] Research
[C] Experiment
[D] Induction

Answer: Option D


3. An essential Criterion of Scientific study is _____.

[A] Objectivity
[B] Subjectivity
[C] Belief
[D] Value

Answer: Option A

4. “Reasoning from general to particular “is called ______.

[A] Observation
[B] Induction
[C] Experience
[D] deduction

Answer: Option D


5. “Deduction and induction are a part of system of reasoning” stated by _____.

[A] Emory
[B] Caroline
[C] P. V. Young
[D] Dewey John

Answer: Option C


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