1. Research method is a part of _____.

[A] Problem
[B] Research methodology
[C] Research Techniques
[D] Experiment

Answer: Option B


2. Doubt is often better than _____.

[A] Value
[B] Belief
[C] Overconfidence
[D] Confidence

Answer: Option C


3. _____ helps in social planning.

[A] Experience Survey
[B] diagnostic study
[C] Social Science Research
[D] Problem formulation

Answer: Option C

4. Identifying causes of a problem and possible solution to a problem is _____.

[A] Action study
[B] Field study
[C] Pilot study
[D] diagnostic study

Answer: Option D


5. Good research is _____.

[A] Non logical
[B] Logical
[C] Systematic
[D] Narrow

Answer: Option B


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