1. A beam of uniform strength has _____.

[A] same bending stress at every section
[B] same bending moment at every section
[C] same shear stress at every section
[D] same cross-section throughout the beam

Answer: Option A

2. The thermal or temperature stress is a function of ______.

[A] modulus of elasticity
[B] coefficient of linear expansion
[C] increase in temperature
[D] All of the above

Answer: Option D


3. A shaft of diameter D is subjected to a twisting moment (T) and a bending moment (M). If the maximum bending stress is equal to maximum shear stress developed, then M is equal to _____.

[A] T
[B] T/2
[C] 2T
[D] 3T

Answer: Option B

4. The shear force diagram for a simply supported beam carrying a uniformly distributed load of w per unit length, consists of ______.

[A] one equilateral triangle
[B] one right angled triangle
[C] two equilateral triangles
[D] two right angled triangles

Answer: Option D


5. When a bar is cooled to – 5degree C, it will develop _____.

[A] tensile stress
[B] no stress
[C] shear stress
[D] compressive stress

Answer: Option A


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