1. The angle between two forces when the resultant is maximum, and minimum are _____ & _____ respectively.

[A] 0°, 90°
[B] 180°, 90°
[C] 0°, 180°
[D] 90°, 180°

Answer: Option C

Explanation: https://youtube.com/shorts/jstyH_il49Q?feature=share

2. The resultant of two equal forces P acting in opposite directions will be _____.

[A] 2P
[B] zero
[C] 0.707 P
[D] sqrt(P)

Answer: Option B

Explanation: https://youtube.com/shorts/2sSjg5Tog1M?feature=share


3. The concurrent forces P and Q (P > Q) acting along the same straight line, but in opposite direction, their resultant will be equal to _____.

[A] P/Q
[B] P + Q
[C] Q/P
[D] P – Q

Answer: Option D

Explanation: https://youtube.com/shorts/Djmgo9GdX6o?feature=share

4. If P and Q are the two forces acting at an angle and their resultant makes an angle theta with P, then

[A] tanα = (Q * sin theta)/(P + Q * cos theta)
[B] tanα = (Q * sin theta)/(Q + P * cos theta)
[C] tanα = (Q * sin theta)/(P + Q * sin theta)
[D] tanα = P sin theta/( Q + P * cos theta)

Answer: Option A


5. When two forces each equal to P act at 90 to each other, then their resultant will be _____.
[A] zero
[B] sqrt(2) * P
[C] 2P
[D] 0.707 P

Answer: Option A

Explanation: https://youtube.com/shorts/47wd5SFFbmA?feature=share

6. If resultant of two equal forces is equal to either of them, then angle between them is _____.

[A] 90°
[B] 30°
[C] 60°
[D] 120°

Answer: Option D

Explanation: https://youtube.com/shorts/Drwpxc40yEs?feature=share

7. Two forces of equal magnitude P act at an angle theta to each other. Their resultant is equal to _____.

[A] 2P * cos 2theta
[B] 2P * sin theta/2
[C] 2P * cos theta/2
[D] 2P * cos theta

Answer: Option C

Explanation: https://youtube.com/shorts/bXrJduKmbNc?feature=share

8. Two forces of 6 kN and 8 kN act at right angles to each other, the resultant force will be _____.

[A] 28
[B] 14
[C] 10
[D] 100

Answer: Option C

Explanation: https://youtube.com/shorts/22JGGQBWVgw?feature=share

9. Two concurrent forces each of value P are acting at a point. The angle between two forces is 120. The value of resultant force will be _____.

[A] P
[B] 2P
[C] 1.414 P
[D] P/2

Answer: Option A

Explanation: https://youtube.com/shorts/I8tjzl5JjAs?feature=share


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