1. For a simply supported beam with a central load, the bending moment is _____.

[A] maximum at the supports
[B] least at the centre
[C] maximum at the centre
[D] least at the supports

Answer: Option C

2. The law which states, “within elastic limits strain produced is proportional to the stress producing it”, is known as _____.

[A] Stress law
[B] Strain law
[C] Hooke’s law
[D] Poisson’s law

Answer: Option C


3. Struts are load carrying members of a frame structure which are subjected to _____.

[A] axial compressive loads
[B] torsional loads
[C] transverse loads
[D] axial tension loads

Answer: Option A

4. Pick up the correct statement from the following:

[A] A rigid material has no plastic zone
[B] A brittle material has no plastic zone
[C] A ductile material has large plastic zone
[D] All of the above

Answer: Option D


5. When equal and opposite forces applied to a body, tend to elongate it, the stress so produced, is called _____.

[A] transverse stress
[B] shear stress
[C] tensile stress
[D] compressive stress

Answer: Option C


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