1. The stiffness of a spring is defined as _____.

[A] Displacement produced by unit force
[B] Force in the spring corresponding to zero displacement
[C] Force required to cause unit displacement
[D] None

Answer: Option C

2. The creep strains are _____.

[A] caused due to dead loads only
[B] Dead load and Live Load
[C] caused due to live loads only
[D] independent of loads

Answer: Option A


3. Maximum energy that a given component can absorb without undergoing any permanent deformation upto elastic limit is known as _____.

[A] Resilience
[B] Hardness
[C] Proof Resilience
[D] Toughness

Answer: Option C

4. For an isotropic, homogeneous and elastic material obeying Hook’s law, number of independent elastic constants is _____.

[A] 9 
[B] 2
[C] 21
[D] 3

Answer: Option B


5. The ratio of Euler’s crippling load for a column when both ends are fixed to when both ends are hinged, is _____.

[A] 0.2
[B] 1
[C] 10
[D] 4

Answer: Option D


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