1. Modulus of toughness is the area of the stress strain diagram up to _____.

[A] Yield Point
[B] Rupture Point
[C] Limit of Proportionality
[D] Ultimate Point

Answer: Option B

2. The work done to strain a material within elastic limits is known as _____.

[A] Resistance
[B] Virtual work
[C] Resilience
[D] Work modulus

Answer: Option C


3. The hoop stress induced in a thick cylinder due to radial pressure will be _____.

[A] Compressive
[B] Shear
[C] Bond
[D] Tensile

Answer: Option D

4. A simply supported beam AB of span 10 m carries a point load W = 10 kN at C such that AC = 3 m and BC = 7m, maximum deflection occurs ______.

[A] at C
[B] at centre of span
[C] between A and C
[D] between B and C

Answer: Option D


5. If the magnitude of shear force is constant, then the magnitude of the slope of bending moment curve is _____.

[A] Zero
[B] Constant
[C] Increasing
[D] Decreasing

Answer: Option B



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