1.  The moment of inertia of a triangular section (base b, height h) about centroidal axis parallel to the base is _____.

[A] b^3h/12
[B] bh^3 /3
[C] bh^3/36
[D] bh^3/2

Answer: Option C

2. If for a given material E = 2G, then the bulk modulus K will be _____.

[A] E/2
[B] E/3
[C] E/4
[D] E/6

Answer: Option B


3. When a shaft is subjected to pure twisting, the type of stress developed in the shaft is _____.

[A] Bending Stress
[B] Shear Stress
[C] Axial Stress
[D] Normal Stress

Answer: Option B

4. Rate of change of bending moment is equal to _____.

[A] deflection
[B] slope
[C] rate of loading
[D] shear force

Answer: Option D


5. The Point of Contra flexure is a point where _____.

[A] Shear force is maximum
[B] Shear force changes sign
[C] Bending moment is maximum
[D] Bending moment changes sign

Answer: Option D




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