1. The bending moment is maximum on a section where shearing force _____.

[A] is minimum
[B] is maximum
[C] change sign
[D] is equal

Answer: Option C

2. A rectangular beam A has length L, width b and depth d. Another beam B has the same length and width but depth is 2d. The elastic strength of beam B will be _____.
[A] Double
[B] Four times
[C] Same
[D] Six times

Answer: Option B


3. In a simply supported beam, carrying a uniformly distributed load w per unit length, the point of contraflexure ______.

[A] Lies in the end of the beam
[B] Does not exist
[C] Lies in the centre of the beam
[D] Depends on the length of the beam

Answer: Option B

4. The angle of twist is ______ proportional to the twisting moment.

[A] Directly
[B] not related
[C] Inversely
[D] Either A or C

Answer: Option A


5. Which one of the following theories is suitable for brittle materials?

[A] Distortion energy theory
[B] Strain Energy Theory
[C] Maximum principal stress theory
[D] Maximum Shear stress Theory

Answer: Option C


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