1.  The main principle of surveying is to work from _____.

A.  The whole to the part

B.  The centre to the boundary

C.  The part to the whole

D.  Higher to lower level

Answer: A       The whole to the part


2. The curvature of the earth is ignored in ____.

A.  Aerial survey

B.  Geodetic surveying

C.  Hydrographic surveying

D.  Plane surveying

Answer: D         Plane surveying


3. The curvature of the earth is taken into account when the extent of area is more than ____.

A.  100 km²

B.  50 km²

C.  250 km²

D.  350 km²

Answer: C       250 km²


4. If scale of map is 1cm = 50m, R.F. is _____.

A.  1/50

B.  1/5000

C.  1/50000

D.  1/500

Answer: B            1/5000


5. Surveys which depict natural features like mountains, valleys, rivers, forests, etc. are known as _____.

A. Topographical surveys

B.  Cadastral surveys

C.  Mine surveys

D.  Engineering surveys

Answer: A           Topographical survey



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