1. In a vertical photograph, relief displacement is always radial from the ____.

[A] Isocenter

[B] Nadir point

[C] Zenith point

[D] Principal point

Answer: Option D


2. The elevations of objects on an aerial photograph can be measured due to ____.

[A] Tilt

[B] Drift

[C] Overlap

[D] Stereoscopic fusion

Answer: Option D


3. The angle between the observer’s meridian and declination circle of the heavenly body is referred to as ____.

[A] Azimuth

[B] Declination

[C] Sidereal angle

[D] Hour angle

Answer: Option D


4. If S denotes the sum of all the angles of a spherical triangle then the quantity S-180 is called as

[A] Spherical error

[B] Spherical deficiency

[C] Spherical excess

[D] Spherical mis-closure

Answer: Option C


5. Parallax in aerial photographs is an error due to ____.

[A] movement of camera and ground relief

[B] overlap in photographs

[C] distortion caused by camera lens

[D] distortion due to lack of focus

Answer: Option A


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