1. Spire test is used for the permanent adjustment of a theodolite for

[A] Adjustment of horizontal axis

[B] Adjustment of vertical axis

[C] Adjustment of plate levels

[D] Adjustment of line of sight

Answer: Option A


2. In theodolite, the plate bubble in the plate level will move considerably from its central position if the tripod leg is moved

[A]radially inwards

[B] radially outwards

[C] in the same direction of the bubble moved

[D] in the opposite direction of the bubble moved.

Answer: Option C


3. The process of turning the telescope of a Theodolite in a horizontal plane is called

[A] Transiting

[B] Plunging

[C] Reversing

[D] Swinging

Answer: Option D


4. The Mercator projection system used in atlases uses a

[A] Isometric projection

[B] Conical projection

[C] Cylindrical projection

[D] Azimuthal projection

Answer: Option C


5. The sensitiveness of a bubble tube in a theodolite would decrease if

[A] the viscosity of the liquid is increased

[B] the radius of curvature of the internal surface of the tube is increased

[C] the diameter of the tube is increased

[D] the length of the vapour bubble is increased

Answer: Option A



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