1. An invar tape is made up of an alloy of

[A] Copper and Steel
[B] Brass and Nickel
[C] Brass and Steel
[D] Nickel and Steel

Answer: Option D


2. Triangulation is based on the principle that knowing

[A] three sides, the angles can be calculated precisely
[B] three angles, the sides can be calculated precisely 
[C] two sides and one angle, the remaining side and angles can be determined precisely
[D] one side and three angles, the remaining sides can be calculated precisely
Answer: Option D


3. The line passing through points of zero declination is known as ___.

[A] isogonic line
[B] agonic line
[C] magnetic line
[D] Azimuth
Answer: Option B


4. The horizontal angle between true meridian and magnetic meridian is known as ____.

[A] Bearing
[B] Dip
[C] Magnetic declination
[D] None of the above
Answer: Option C


5. The instrument that is used for measurement of angles

[A] Geodimeter
[B] Sextant
[C] Tellurometer
[D] Telescope
Answer: Option B

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