1. Principle of plane tabling is ____.

[A] Parallelism

[B] Triangulation

[C] Traversing

[D] Centering

Answer: Option A


2. If ‘n’ is the number of sides of a traverse, while theodolite traversing the sum of the interior included angles should be ____.

[A] (2n – 4) x 90°

[B] (2n + 4) x 90°

[C] Both A and B

[D] 360°

Answer: Option A


3. The plane table method which is suitable for locating inaccessible points is ____.

[A] Resection method

[B] Intersection method

[C] Radiation method

[D] Traversing method

Answer: Option B


4. The two- point problem in plane tabling is essentially a problem of ____.

[A] Orienting the plane table

[B] Centering the table

[C] Finding the line joining the two point

[D] Solving a triangle

Answer: Option A


5. The three- point problem in plane tabling involves ____.

[A] Determining the position of three points 

[B] Locating the station occupied by plane table given the position of the three points 

[C] Locating the position of two points given the position of the third point

[D] Surveying a triangular area

Answer: Option B




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