1. The process of determining the location of the station on the map occupied by the plane table is known as ____.

[A] Intersection

[B] Three-point problem

[C] Traversing

[D] Resection

Answer: Option D


2. The curved surface which at every point is perpendicular to the direction of gravity at that point is known as ____.

[A] A level plane

[B] A level surface

[C] A horizontal surface

[D] A vertical surface

Answer: Option B


3. When differential leveling is done in order to connect a benchmark to the starting point of the alignment of any road, railway, canal project, it is called ____.

[A] Profile leveling

[B] Cross-section leveling

[C] Reciprocal leveling

[D] Fly leveling

Answer: Option D


4. The first reading of level station is ____.

[A] foresight

[B] Intermediate sight

[C] back-sight

[D] Any sight

Answer: Option C


5. Which of the following types of levelling cannot be done with a dumpy level?

[A] Differential-Levelling

[B] Reciprocal Levelling

[C] Trigonometric Levelling

[D] Profile Levelling

Answer: Option C




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