66. The ‘Give way’ is ____ traffic sign provided on the road.

A.  informatory

B.  warning

C.  cautionary

D.  mandatory



Answer: D        mandatory


Stop sign and Give Way signs are mandatory signs.

The stop sign is octagonal in shape and the Give Way sign has the shape of an inverted triangle.

1) Mandatory/Regulatory sign:

Used to inform the road users of certain laws and regulations to provide safety and free flow to traffic.

Circular in Shape

2) Warning sign or cautionary sign:

Used to warn the road users at sufficient distance in advance about the impending road condition. Triangular in shape.

3) Informatory sign:

Guide the road user about the routes, destination, and to provide information that makes travel easier, safe, and pleasant. Rectangular in shape.



67. The camber value for water bound macadam road is ___.

A.  2 to 2.5%

B.  2.5 to 3%

C.  1.7 to 2%

D.  3 to 4.0%



Answer: B         2.5 to 3%



68. Maximum superelevation allowed considering average speed as three fourth of the design speed for the plain and rolling terrain is ____.

A.  10 %

B.  20 %

C.  13 %

D.  7 %



Answer: D       7 %



69. The shape of ‘STOP’ sign according to IRC: 67-2001 is ____.

A.  circular

B.  triangular

C.  rectangular

D.  octagonal



Answer: D       octagonal



70. For highway geometric design purpose, the speed used is ____.

A.  15th percentile

B.  50th percentile

C.  85th percentile

D.  98th percentile



Answer: D           98th percentile


Minimum speed limit = 15th percentile speed

Safe speed limit = 85th percentile speed

Geometrical design speed = 98th percentile speed




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