71. Indian Road Congress was formed as a semi-official technical body in ____.

A.  1964

B.  1939

C.  1934

D.  1947



Answer: C        1934



72. While conducting engineering surveys for highway section the first step is ___.

A.  preliminary survey

B.  location and detailed survey

C.  reconnaissance survey

D.  map study



Answer: D         map study



73. On roads, kerb indicate ___.

A.  boundary between the pavement and shoulders

B.  transverse slope of pavement

C.  longitudinal slope of pavement

D.  None of the above



Answer: A       boundary between the pavement and shoulders



74. Camber is the slope provided on the road surface ____.

A.  in inclined direction

B.  in transverse direction

C.  in longitudinal direction

D.  in regular fashion



Answer: B       in transverse direction



75. Stopping sight distance is increased with ___.

A.  increase in frictional resistance of pavement

B.  increase in brake efficiency

C.  decrease in brake reaction time

D.  decrease in brake efficiency



Answer: D           decrease in brake efficiency




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