76. For a National or state highway super elevation is not required if the radius of horizontal curve is more than ____.

A.  2286 m

B.  1372 m

C.  610 m

D.  1981 m



Answer: B        1372 m



77. On a multiple road crossing, rotary intersection is designed to ____.

A.  make cost economy

B.  stop the crossing stream

C.  make space economy

D.  eliminate the necessity of stopping the crossing stream



Answer: D         eliminate the necessity of stopping the crossing stream



78. The width of formation of a road means, the width of ____.

A.  embankment at top

B.  carriage way

C.  embankment at ground level

D.  None of the above



Answer: A       embankment at top



79. Crawler type dozer would be required for construction of roads while dealing with ____.

A.  sand

B.  hard clay

C.  rocky strata

D.  loose and muddy soil



Answer: D           loose and muddy soil



80. The bottom most layer of the road section that makes the dispersion of load is _____.

A.  base course

B.  wearing course

C.  sub base

D.  soil sub grade



Answer: D           soil sub grade




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