81. For the penetration test of bituminous material the sample is maintained at standard temperature of ____.

A.  22°C

B.  27°C

C.  20°C

D.  25°C



Answer: D         25°C



82. The standard rate of pull in ductility test of bitumen is ____.

A.  30 mm/minute

B.  50 mm/minute

C.  40 mm/minute

D.  25 mm/minute



Answer:    B      50 mm/minute



83. The flakiness index of aggregate is the percentage by weight of the aggregate particle whose least dimension/thickness is less than ____.

A.  0.6 times their mean dimension

B.  0.8 times their mean dimension

C.  1.2 of their mean dimension

D.  1.8 times their mean dimension



Answer: A       0.6 times their mean dimension



84. As per IRC, in wearing course of pavement, the aggregate impact value should not exceed _____.

A.  40 %

B.  50 %

C.  35 %

D.  30 %



Answer: D           30 %



85. The specified number of blows of hammer for aggregate impact test are ____.

A.  10

B.  25

C.  20

D.  15



Answer: D           15




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