86. The standard load value on standard crushed aggregates for CBR test at 2.5 mm penetration is ____.

A.  1370 kg

B.  2000 kg

C.  2055 kg

D.  1450 kg



Answer: A        1370 kg



87. IRC recommends standard test to evaluate hardness of road aggregate is ____.

A.  crushing test

B.  shape test

C.  Impact test

D.  Los-Angeles Abrasion test



Answer: D         Los-Angeles Abrasion test



88. The modulus of subgrade reaction of soil can be calculated for the pressure corresponding to a mean settlement of ____.

A.  0.20 cm

B.  0.125 cm

C.  0.25 cm

D.  0.15 cm



Answer: D       0.15 cm



89. For the bituminous material, the ring and ball apparatus determines ____.

A.  viscosity

B.  specific gravity

C.  softening point

D.  ductility



Answer: C            softening point        



90. Standard impact test on road aggregate evaluates ____.

A. hardness

B.  strength

C.  durability

D.  toughness



Answer: D           toughness




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