11.  The reaction time for calculation of stopping distance may be assumed as ___.

A. 10 secs

B. 5 secs

C. 0.5 secs

D. 2.5 secs


Answer: D   2.5 secs




12.  Transition curve is provided in horizontal alignment to ___.

A. enable the driver turn the steering for his own comfort and security.

B. enable gradual introduction of the designed superelevation and extra widening of pavement at the start of the circular curve.

C. introduce gradually the centrifugal force between the tangent point and the beginning of the circular curve, avoiding a sudden jerk on the vehicle.

D. All of the above


Answer: D   All of the above




13. Moving car observer method is a procedure ____.

A. to carry out origin destination studies

B. to estimate the traffic capacity of a road section

C. to identify accident prone locations on highway

D. to find the traffic flow of traffic stream


Answer: D      to find the traffic flow of traffic stream




14. Desire lines are drawn based on ____.

A. accident studies

B. spot speed studies

C. origin and destination studies

D. traffic volume studies


Answer: D   origin and destination studies





The origin and destination study provides the basic data for determining the desired directions of flow. On the basis of these studies, desire lines are drawn.



15.  The PCU (passenger car unit) value for car on an urban road is ____.

A. 0.5

B. 4.0

C. 3.0

D. 1.0


Answer: D   1.0





The Passenger Car Unit PCU may be considered as measure of the relative space requirement of a vehicle class compared to that of a passenger car under a specified set of roadway, traffic and other conditions.

If the addition of one vehicle of a particular class in the traffic stream produces the same effect as that due to addition of one passenger car, then that vehicle class is considered equivalent to the passenger car with a PCU value equal to 1.0.





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