Present day construction projects are becoming more complex and costly as compared to previous times. This complex nature places a heavy demand on the management skill of those involved in every phase of the management of construction work. 

The terms ‘Project Manager’ or ‘Construction manager’ are used quite interchangeably. The project manager is a person formally appointed to manage a project with scientific accountability for achieving defined project objectives with allocated resources. 

A project manager has access to and a formally defined relationship with the project leader to whom the specific project has been assigned.

The responsibilities of a construction manager are :

i) Planning : 

Formulation of a number of alternative realistic work plans, it also lays down how a project will be carried out, what materials will be used, what men and staff will be employed, what equipments will be utilized etc.

ii) Organising :

Division of total construction work into manageable departments and systematically arranging various activities by delegating specific tasks to individuals.

iii) Directing :

Training subordinates to carry out assigned tasks, supervising their work, and guiding their efforts.

iv) Controlling :

Measurement of actural performance in terms of progress, quality and cost. Comparison of actual and planned performance, Analysis of short fall in performance and remedial measures.

v) Co-ordination :

To coodiante the work of various departments and sections. Regular meetings with sections heads.

In short, the responsibilities of a construction manager are :

~ Developing bid proposal

~ Establishing project organisation and               staffing provide overall leadership to the       project team

~ Profit generation and new business                 development

~ Schedules and budgets assisting in.                   determining technical and man power             requirements.

~ Measuring and analysing project                        performance 

~ Co-ordinating and integrating of sub                 system tasks

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