1. The volume of soil to be excavated in its in-place natural state is called _____.

[A] Compacted cubic meter
[B] Basic cubic meter
[C] Bank cubic meter
[D] Natural cubic meter

Answer: Option C


2. In building estimate, cornice is measured in ______.

[A] Number (nos.)
[B] Running meter
[C] Square meter
[D] Cubic meter

Answer: Option B


3. In building work, the cost for internal electrification, sanitary and water supply works is around ______.
[A] 10% of estimated cost of building
[B] 15% of estimated cost of building
[C] 20% of estimated cost of building
[D] 25% of estimated cost of building

Answer: Option C


4. The out turn of one painter for distempering one coat per day considering 8 hour is _____.

[A] 20 sqm
[B] 60 sqm
[C] 35 sqm
[D] 80 sqm

Answer: Option C


5. The cement consumption per 100 sq-m area for 12 mm thick plastering with cement mortar proportion of (1:4) is _____.

[A] 18 bags
[B] 15 bags
[C] 12 bags
[D] 9 bags

Answer: Option C

Area of plaster and 12mm thick, Volume of plaster=100×12/1000 = 1.2 m³
(hardened wet volume)
Add 30% for filling joints of wall, for levelling, for wastage etc.
Add more 25% for dry volume.
So, Volume=1.20×1.30=1.56m³ (Mixed wet volume on site)
So, Dry volume= 1.56 * 1.25 = 1.95m³ (Dry volume of cement mortar)
For CM = 1:4, cement consumption is = 1/5 * dry volume of CM = 1/5 * 1.95 = 0.39 m³ = 0.39/0.0335 bags = 11.64 = 12 bags


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