1. Vertical deflection of gantry girder for electrically operated cranes over 500 KN is _____.

[A] span/400
[B] span/750
[C] span/500
[D] span/1000

Answer: Option D


2. Intermediate vertical stiffeners are provided in plate girders to _____.

[A] Eliminate web buckling
[B] Eliminate local buckling
[C] Prevent excessive deflection
[D] To transfer concentrated loads

Answer: Option A


3. Minimum spacing of vertical stiffeners in plate girder of depth d is limited to _____.

[A] d/4
[B] d/3
[C] d/2
[D] 2d/3

Answer: Option B


4. In case of bolted plate girder, the angle section that is used should be _____.

[A] Unequal with long leg connected
[B] Unequal with short leg connected
[C] Equal angle
[D] Equal angle connected back to back

Answer: Option B


5. Which of the following types of failure is more prone to take place when web of the plate girder is made too thick?

[A] Local buckling
[B] Shear buckling
[C] Flexural buckling
[D]Shear yielding

Answer: Option D


6. In plastic analysis of structures, the segment between any two successive plastic hinges is assumed to deform as _____.
[A] Plastic material
[B] A rigid material
[C] An elastic material
[D] An inelastic material

Answer: Option B


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