1. The relation between intensity of wind P and Velocity V is taken as pressure _____.

[A] P α V
[B] P α V^0.5
[C] P α 1/V
[D] P α V²

Answer: Option D


2. The upper yield point in the stress-strain curve in structural steel can be avoided by _____.

[A] Cold working
[B] Hot working
[C] Quenching
[D] Galvanizing

Answer: Option A


3. Poisson’s ratio of structural steel in plastic range is ______.

[A] 0.25
[B] 0.3
[C] 0.4
[D] 0.5

Answer: Option D


4. In design of steel structures using Working Stress method of design, the factor of safety (FOS) is applied to _____.

[A] Loading
[B] Yield stress of material
[C] Sectional properties of the members
[D] Safe bearing capacity (SBC) of soil

Answer: Option B


5. The heaviest section for same depth as per Indian Standard hot rolled steel sections is ______.


Answer: Option A


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