1. The difference between gross diameter and nominal diameter for rivets upto 25mm diameter is _____.

[A] 1mm
[B] 1.5mm
[C] 2mm
[D] 2.5mm

Answer: Option B


2. Minimum pitch in a riveted joint shouldn’t be _____.

[A] Less than 200mm
[B] More than 200mm
[C] Greater than 2.5 times the gross diameter of the rivet
[D] Less than 2.5 times the nominal diameter of the rivet

Answer: Option D


3. In an eccentric connection, when the axis of load is lying in the plane of bolted joint, the bolts are subjected to ______.

[A] Only shear stresses
[B] Only tensile stresses
[C] Both tensile and shear stresses
[D] Tensile, shear and bending stresses

Answer: Option A


4. Which of the following failures of bolted joint can be avoided by providing sufficient edge distance?

[A] Bearing failure of bolt
[B] Shear failure of bolt
[C] Shear failure of plate
[D] Tensile failure of plate

Answer: Option C


5. A butt weld is specified by ______.

[A] Effective throat thickness
[B] Plate thickness
[C] Size of weld
[D] Penetration thickness

Answer: Option A


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