1. Bolts are most suitable to carry _____.

[A] Shear
[B] Bending
[C] Axial tension
[D] Shear and Bending

Answer: Option C


2. Minimum pitch of the rivets shall not be less than _____.

[A] 2.0d
[B] 3.0d
[C] 1.5d
[D] 2.5d

Answer: Option D

3. For the 16 mm nominal diameter rivets, the diameter of the rivet hole is kept equal to _____.

[A] 14.0 mm
[B] 14.5 mm
[C] 17.5 mm
[D] 18 mm

Answer: Option C


4. In case of staggered pitch, pitch may be of values specified for not staggered pitch

[A] Increased by 20%
[B] Increased by 50%
[C] Decreased by 20%
[D] Decreased by 50%

Answer: Option B


5. For commonly used HSFG bolts (IS1367 part3, grade 8.8) yield stress fyb is _____.

[A] 280 N/mm²
[B] 360 N/mm²
[C] 640 N/mm²
[D] 940 N/mm²

Answer: Option C


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