1. At shrinkage limit, the soil is _____.

[A] Partially saturated
[B] Dry
[C] Saturated
[D] None

Answer: Option C

2. The minimum water content at which soil starts getting shear strength is termed as ____.

[A] Plasticity index
[B] Shrinkage limit
[C] Plastic limit
[D] Liquid limit

Answer: Option C


3. The smallest clay mineral is _____.

[A] Montmorillonite
[B] Kaolinite
[C] Illite
[D] Chlorite

Answer: Option A

4. The particles with a high value of sphericity are _____.

[A] Low tendency to fracture
[B] Easy to manipulate in construction
[C] both a and b
[D] High tendency to fracture

Answer: Option C

5. Honey combed structure is found in ____.
[A] Gravels
[B] Fine sands and silts
[C] Clay
[D] Coarse sands
Answer: Option B



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