1. For a laminar flow through circular pipe, the maximum velocity is equal to

[A] 1.5 times the average velocity
[B] 2.0 times the average velocity
[C] 2.5 times the average velocity
[D] None of the above

Answer: Option B


2. In a laminar flow between two parallel plates, the approximate ratio between average velocity and maximum velocity would be
[A] 0.66
[B] 1.50
[C] 0.75
[D] 1.33

Answer: Option A


3. The velocity distribution in laminar flow through circular pipe follows
[A] Logarithmic profile
[B] Linear profile
[C] Parabolic profile
[D] Constant velocity profile

Answer: Option C


4. Match List-l (Typical occurrence) with List-Il (Relevant flow condition) and select the correct answer using the codes given below the lists:

List – I
P. Cavitation
Q. Separation
R. Stagnation point
S. Wake

List – II
(i) Absence of fluid velocity
(ii) Fluid pressure reduces to vapour pressure
(iii) Bluff body in flow
(iv) Adverse pressure gradient in widening boundaries of flow

[A] P – (iv), Q – (ii), R – (iii), S – (i)
[B] P – (ii), Q – (iv), R – (i), S – (iii)
[C] P – (ii), Q – (iv), R – (iii), S – (i)
[D] P – (iv), Q – (ii), R – (i), S – (iii)

Answer: Option B


5. The growth of the turbulent boundary layer thickness as compared to the laminar boundary layer takes place
[A] at a slower rate
[B] at a faster rate
[C] at the same rate
[D] at unpredictable rate

Answer: Option B



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