1. When is a fluid called turbulent?

[A] High viscosity of fluid
[B] Reynolds number is less than 2000
[C] Reynolds number is greater than 2000
[D] The density of the fluid is low

Answer: Option C


2. ______ equation is a result of momentum conservation for inviscid steady flows.

[A] Bernoulli’s equation
[B] Euler’s equation
[C] First law of thermodynamics
[D] Navier-Stokes equation

Answer: Option B


3. When external torque is absent the type of vortex flow is _____.

[A] Independent vortex flow
[B] Free vortex flow
[C] Circular vortex flow
[D] None

Answer: Option B

4. Hydraulic jump is used for _____.

[A] reducing the energy of flow
[B] decreasing the velocity of flow
[C] reducing turbulence
[D] increasing the depth of flow

Answer: Option A


5. Open channel flow takes place _____.

[A] In the pipe
[B] In a pump
[C] On a free surface
[D] Within a cylindrical depth

Answer: Option C


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