1. What is fluid mechanics?

[A] Study of fluid behaviour at rest and in motion
[B] Study of fluid behaviour in motion
[C] Study of fluid behaviour at rest
[D] None

Answer: Option A

2. The unit of kinematic viscosity is _____.

[A] gm/cm sec^2
[B] cm^2/sec
[C] dynesec/cm^2
[D] gm/cm^2 sec

Answer: Option B


3. What is Viscosity?

[A] Resistance to flow of air
[B] Resistance to flow of an object
[C] Resistance to flow of heat
[D] Resistance to flow of fluid

Answer: Option D

4. An ideal fluid is a fluid _____.

[A] which is incompressible and is having no viscosity
[B] in which shear stress is directly proportional to the rate of shear strain
[C] in which the boundary layer is zero.
[D] which obeys Newton’s law of viscosity

Answer: Option A


5. Fluids which follow the linear relationship between shear stress and rate of deformation are termed as ______ fluids.

[A] Dilatant
[B] Newtonian
[C] Non-Newtonian
[D] Ideal

Answer: Option B


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