1. In mild steel carbon content is ______.

[A] less than 0.25 %
[B] between 0.25 % and 0.75 %
[C] more than 1.5%
[D] between 0.75 % and 1.5 %

Answer: Option A

2. In railway tracks metal used is _____.

[A] Wrought iron
[B] mild steel
[C] cast iron
[D] Stainless steel

Answer: Option B


3. Basalt and trap are used in _____.

[A] dams
[B] Roads
[C] ornamental works
[D] monumental works

Answer: Option B

4. _____ glass is used for air conditioning room.

[A] Obscure Glass
[B] Foam Glass
[C] UV Glass
[D] Structured glass

Answer: Option B


5. Fire bricks are used _____.

[A] to reflect heat
[B] to decrease heat flow
[C] to increase heat flow
[D] to protect building against lighting

Answer: Option B



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