1. A well-seasoned timber may contain moisture upto ______.

[A] 10 to 12%
[B] 6 to 8%
[C] 4 to 6%
[D] 8 to 10%

Answer: Option A

2. Seasoning of timber ______.

[A] Increases weight of the timber
[B] does not give dimensional stability
[C] improves strength properties of the timber
[D] All of the above

Answer: Option C


3. Indentations on the bricks provided to form a key for holding the mortar is called as _____.

[A] Bond
[B] Frog
[C] Quoins
[D] Course

Answer: Option B

4. Jhama bricks are _____.

[A] under burnt and can be easily broken
[B] slightly over burnt having rough surface
[C] well burnt having smooth and even surface
[D] over burnt with regular shape

Answer: Option D


5. Efflorescence test means ______.
[A] alkalinity test of brick
[B] compressive stress test of brick
[C] elongation test of reinforcing steel
[D] All of the above

Answer: Option A


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