1. The projecting part of the tread beyond face of riser is called _____.

[A] Nosing
[B] Pitch
[C] Baluster
[D] Stringer

Answer: Option A

2. Distemper is a type of _____.

[A] Oil paint
[B] Camel paint
[C] Water paint
[D] Varnish

Answer: Option D

3. Turpentine oil is used in paints as _____.

[A] Carries
[B] Thinner
[C] Base
[D] Drier

Answer: Option B

4. _____ is the purest form of iron.

[A] Wrought iron
[B] Mild steel
[C] Cast iron
[D] High carbon steel

Answer: Option A

5. Bullet proof glass is made of _____.

[A] High strength plastic
[B] Stainless steel
[C] Plastic
[D] Steel

Answer: Option A


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