1. Aeration of water is done to remove _____.

[A] Colour
[B] Odour
[C] Hardness
[D] Turbidity

Answer: Option B

2. The underground structure in the form of circular or rectangular tank for admitting sewage is called _____.
[A] Cesspool
[B] Seepage pit
[C] Well
[D] Soakage trench

Answer: Option A


3. The application of chlorine beyond the stage of break point is known as _____.

[A] De-chlorination
[B] Post chlorination
[C] Super chlorination
[D] Double chlorination

Answer: Option C

4. A septic tank is a _____.

[A] Digestion tank
[B] Sedimentation tank
[C] Combined sedimentation and digestion tank
[D] Aeration tank

Answer: Option C


5. A pipe installed in the house drainage to preserve that water seal of trap is known as _____.

[A] Steel pipe
[B] Anti-siphonage pipe
[C] Soil pipe
[D] Waste pipe

Answer: Option B


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