1. If the chosen diameter of a pipe, is less than the economical diameter _____.

[A] Cost of pumping will be more than saving
[B] Cost of pipe will be less
[C] Head loss will be high
[D] All the above

Answer: Option D

2. In centrifugal pump installation _____.
[A] The diameter of the pipe at inlet as well as at outlet, is kept smaller than the delivery pipe
[B] Pump is properly primed before starting
[C] Both
[D] None

Answer: Option C


3. Pick up the correct statement from the following:

[A] Water needed for laundries should contain hardness less than 75 ppm
[B] Water with hardness more than 200 ppm is considered hard
[C] Water with hardness upto 75 ppm is considered soft
[D] All of the above

Answer: Option D

4. While determining the yield of open wells by the pumping test _____.

[A] Depression head resulting at critical velocity, is called critical depression head
[B] Maximum safe yield of an open well, is expected at critical depression head
[C] Velocity of recharging water, increases with depression head
[D] Both A and B

Answer: Option B


5. Pick up the correct statement from the following:
[A] The difference between water table level and the water level in a well after pumping, is called depression head
[B] The surface of water table surrounding a well during pumping, forms a cone of depression
[C] The water level in a still well, represents the ground water table level
[D] All the above

Answer: Option D


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