1. The bacterias which require free oxygen for their survival, are called ______.
[A] Anaerobic bacteria
[B] Facultative bacteria
[C] Aerobic bacteria
[D] None

Answer: Option C

2. Mostly used coagulant, is ______.

[A] Lime
[B] Chlorine
[C] Alum
[D] Bleaching powder

Answer: Option C


3. Gravity conduits are generally in the form of _____.

[A] Flumes
[B] Aqueduct
[C] Canals
[D] All the above

Answer: Option D

4. Normal values of overflow rate for plain sedimentation tank, is _____ litres/hr/m^2.
1000 to 1250
750 to 1000
500 to 750
250 to 500

Answer: Option C


5. The bed slope in slow sand filters, is generally kept ______.

[A] 1 in 75
[B] 1 in 200
[C] 1 in 100
[D] 1 in 50

Answer: Option C






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