1. Tintometer is used for _____.

[A] Odour
[B] Hardness
[C] Temperature
[D] Colour

Answer: Option D

2. The rain is called as Acid rain if the pH is less than _____.

[A] 5.6
[C] 7.5
[D] 8.5

Answer: Option A


3. On which scale turbidity is measured?

[A] Silica cobalt scale
[B] Standard Silica Scale
[C] Silica Platinum scale
[D] Platinum scale

Answer: Option B

4. Temporary hardness in water is caused by the presence of _____.

[A] Sulphate of Ca and Mg
[B] Nitrates of Ca and Mg
[C] Chlorides of Ca and Mg
[D] Bicarbonate of Ca and Mg

Answer: Option D


5. What is the most common source of acidity in water?

[A] Nitrogen
[B] Sulphuric acid
[C] Oxygen
[D] Carbon dioxide

Answer: Option D


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