1. Runoff increases with

[A] increase in the infiltration capacity

[B] increase in intensity of rain

[C] increase in permeability of soil

[D] decrease in the porosity of soil

Answer: Option B


2. Drainage density is the

[A] average length of the streams per unit drainage area within the basin

[B] stream discharge per unit drainage area

[C] annual runoff per unit drainage area

[D] number of streams per unit drainage area

Answer: Option A


3. The basic assumptions of the unit hydrograph theory are

[A] nonlinear response and time invariance

[B] time invariance and linear response

[C] linear response and linear time variance 

[D] nonlinear time variance and linear response

Answer: Option B


4. The statement “ordinate of the direct run off hydrographs of a common base period are directly proportional to the volumes of runoff represented by the respective hydrograph” infers

[A] principle of linearity

[B] principle of time invariance

[C] principle of uniformity

[D] none of these

Answer: Option A


5. Base flow separation is used in connection with

[A] Seepage flow 

[B] Infiltration

[C] Evaporation 

[D] Stream flow

Answer: Option D




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