1. Floats are used to measure

[A] Discharge of stream

[B] Velocity of stream

[C] Flood discharge

[D] Afflux

Answer: Option B


2. Under the same conditions, which of the following shapes of water surface will give the highest rate of evaporation?

[A] flat water surface

[B] convex water surface

[C] concave water surface

[D] evaporation is independent of shape of water surface

Answer: Option B


3. The precipitation which is caused by lifting of an air mass due to pressure difference is called

[A] Natural Precipitation

[B] Organic Precipitation

[C] Convective Precipitation

[D] Cyclonic Precipitation

Answer: Option D


4. Calibration of a current meter for use in channel flow measurement is done in a ____.

[A] wind tunnel

[B] water tunnel

[C] towing tank

[D] flume

Answer: Option C


5. The method used for estimating missing rainfall is ____.

[A] Normal ratio method

[B] Station year method

[C] Plotting position method

[D] Rational method

Answer: Option A




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