1. Standard Project Flood for the drainage area involved is the flood that

[A] is sure to be equalled in magnitude once or more time in the estimated life of the project

[B] is likely to be exceeded in magnitude only at rare occasions in the estimated life of the project

[C] Might occur under the worst meteorological and hydrological conditions in the estimated life of the project

[D] Will occur under standard meteorological conditions in the estimated life of the project

Answer: Option B

2. The discharge per unit drawdown at a well is known as ____.

[A] Specific yield

[B] Specific discharge

[C] Specific capacity

[D] Specific transmissibility

Answer: Option C

3. Which of the following formations has poor permeability, but seepage is possible?

[A] Aquifer

[B] Aquiclude

[C] Aquifuge

[D] Aquitard

Answer: Option D

4. The surface joining the static water levels in several wells penetrating a confined aquifer represents

[A] water table surface

[B] perched water table surface

[C] cone of depression

[D] piezometric surface

Answer: Option D

5. The unit of coefficient of transmissibility is ____.

[A] m²/s

[B] unit less

[C] m/s

[D] m/s²

Answer: Option A

6. Specific storage refers to ____.

[A] Volume of water stored in the unit volume of aquifer

[B] Water that a portion of an aquifer releases from storage, per unit mass or volume of aquifer, per unit change in hydraulic head, while remaining fully saturated.

[C] Volume of water drained by gravity per unit volume of aquifer

[D] The difference between field capacity and evapotranspiration

Answer: Option B



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