1. Well irrigation is a type of _____.

[A] Inundation irrigation

[B] Infiltration irrigation

[C] Lift irrigation

[D] Gravity irrigation

Answer: Option C


2. For cereal crops the most commonly adopted method of irrigation, is ____.
[A] Free flooding

[B] Check method

[C] Furrow method

[D] Sprinkler method

Answer: Option B


3. ____ is defined as the amount of irrigation water that is required to meet the evapo- transpiration needs of the crop during its full growth.

[A] Gross Irrigation Requirement

[B] Net Irrigation Requirement

[C] Consumptive Irrigation Requirement

[D] Field Irrigation Requirement

Answer: Option C


4. For standing crops in undulating sandy fields, the best method of irrigation, is _____.

[A] Sprinkler method

[B] Free flooding

[C] Check method

[D] Furrow method

Answer: Option A


5. Sprinkler irrigation system is suitable when _____.

[A] the land gradient is steep, and the soil is easily erodible

[B] the soil is having low permeability

[C] the water table is low

[D] the crops to be grown have deep roots

Answer: Option A


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