1. What type of cross drainage work is provided when the canal runs below the river?

[A] Aqueduct
[C] Level crossing
[B] Super passage
[D] Siphon aqueduct

Answer: Option B

2. In a canal syphon, flow is _____.

[A] Under atmospheric pressure
[B] Pipe flow only
[C] Under negative pressure
[D] With critical velocity

Answer: Option B

3. The Super Passage is a canal cross-drainage structure _____.

[A] In which the natural stream passes over the irrigation canal
[B] In which the irrigation canal passes over the natural stream
[C] Which carries water from a source to a distribution point far away
[D] Which connects two aqueducts

Answer: Option A

4. According to khosla theory, the exit the absence of downstream cut-off is _____.

[A] Zero
[C] Infinity
[B] Unity
[D] Very large

Answer: Option C

5. Garret’s diagram are used to _____.

[A] Separate base flow from total runoff
[B] Correct inconsistency in rainfall data
[C] Determine reservoir capacity
[D] Design channels

Answer: Option D


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