1. Which of the following is probably the most widely used for river training works?

[A] Spurs
[B] Check dams
[C] Aqueduct
[D] Apron

Answer: Option A

2. The meander pattern of a river is developed by _____.

[A] average discharge
[B] dominant discharge
[C] maximum discharge
[D] critical discharge

Answer: Option B

3. A land is known as waterlogged when ______.

[A] Gravity drainage has ceased
[B] Permanent wilting point is reached
[C] The soil becomes completely saturated 
[D] Capillary fringe reaches the root zone of the plants

Answer: Option D

4. A shallow well is a well ______.

[A] Whose depth is less than its width
[B] Whose depth is less than 20 feet
[C] Which does not rest on a mota formation 
[D] Which rests on a mota formation

Answer: Option C

5. Acidic soils are reclaimed by ______.

[A] Leaching of the soil
[B] Using limestone as a soil amendment
[C] Using gypsum as a soil amendment
[D] Provision of drainage

Answer: Option B


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